Each year, rock star and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Alice Cooper holds a talent search, Proof is in the Pudding, for teens across the Valley to share their passion for music. This music competition is organized by the Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of teens through music, dance, and self expression.

Over 100 bands and soloist compete to win cash, scholarships, jam sessions with renowned musicians, and the opportunity to play at notable concerts, festivals and sporting events. Previous participants used the talent search as a platform to boost their future music career like singers Jordan Sparks from American Idol and Destinee Quinn from The Voice. The talent search will continue until November 18, when the grand prize winner will be announced.

Fans can contribute to the success of their favorite band with the help of the Bravo Tip or Pay app. The Bravo app is the easiest tool to use to transfer funds directly from one person to another. The app is contributing to the success in the Valley’s youth by promoting another contest for those participating in the talent search.

After downloading the Bravo Tip or Pay app, fans can vote for their favorite musicians by sending a one-dollar (or more) tip to represent one vote per transaction. Fans can send as many votes as they want to their favorite artists by sending specific amounts. The app also allows fans to communicate to the band by attaching a message to the tip. Musicians can respond to the messages and build relationships with their fans, even using the app as a platform to schedule future performances for their audience.

The contest will continue for the duration of the talent search, and the band that collects the most votes through tips will win $300, a media kit and a music video production. To begin voting for your favorite teen artist, download the app in the app store, sign-up and start sending tips!  Contest ends November 18, 2016.