Epodcast with Bravo Co-Founder & CEO – Maria Luna

Maria Luna, Co-Founder and CEO of Bravo Tipping Made Easy that is becoming the best alternative to tipping without using cash, with social integrity where […]

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Bravo Concert Series #1 – Jared & The Mill @ Sip Coffee & Beer House

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Who To Tip and Why You Should

Tipping is both a cultural tradition and an economic reality that sometimes leaves people confused about how much they should tip and to whom. Although […]

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The Non-Intrusive Aspects of Bravo Tipping

Non-Intrusive Aspects of Bravo
Bravo prioritizes data security to keep user information private. Clients and service professionals enjoy safe and seamless transactions, protected by advanced encryption […]

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DTV Interview with our Co-Founder and COO, Dr. Hector Rodriguez

City of Phoenix Vice Mayor Valenzuela interviews Dr. Hector Rodriguez, COO and Co-Founder of Bravo.

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Bravo Tipping Application Features and Benefits

Gratuities have been a relatively unchanged staple of the service industry throughout recent history. “Unchanged” does not always mean perfect, unfortunately, and there is plenty […]

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Bravo Charity Partnerships

The primary focus for Bravo is the paying of gratuities directly to servers and service providers, using our app which can be downloaded from either […]

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Personal Information Protection Within Bravo Tipping

How can Bravo Tipping help the service provider and the client?
Bravo Tipping is an application created for service professionals and clients to provide an easy […]

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Bravo Corporate Partnerships

Tipping Made Easy

Bravo, LLC is an innovative new enterprise focused on the financial industry. The key concept of Bravo’s  mobile app and business partnerships is […]

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How Bravo Tipping Can Disrupt (Positively) The Service Industry

Service professionals don’t need to be educated on the ineffectiveness of the current tipping model. Wait staff, valets, skycaps, and other service pros simply have […]

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