Everywhere we go, service professionals are nearby to assist our needs and make our lives easier. By serving drinks, giving car or pedicab rides, playing our favorite songs, or running to our cars at a valet, the services almost never end. Without their aid, simple tasks may cease to be as convenient as they are now. 

Over 30 million people drink specialty coffee every day from a local coffee shop. During mornings, coffee shops can explode with long lines of tired people trying to get their morning cup of joe. Behind the counter rapidly taking orders is a team of baristas, commonly unseen for their services. On average, a barista makes $9 an hour and relies on the generosity of daily customers to survive.

Along with baristas, bartenders and other food service employees make half of minimum wage in most states. Ranging from $3 to $6 per hour, tips become a vital source of income for the servers. Working full-time at $5 an hour, servers make less than half of the nation’s poverty level without tips.

Bravo Tip or Pay was created to benefit these working professionals by creating a new medium of gathering tips. With Bravo Tip or Pay, we can show these professionals how much we truly appreciate the time and energy they spend to give us the best service possible. To further promote the culture of tipping, the app can even send reminders to users to remember to tip the service professionals nearby.

While tipping is a cultural norm in the West, it is also received as encouragement to continue working hard in the service industry. Along with the monetary benefits, receiving a tip acknowledges and reminds workers their services are appreciated.