Tipping is a social norm that has been made more difficult with the decreased use of cash. Bravo Tipping has made it easier to tip professionals for their services without having to carry cash. The business has prided itself on benefiting the community by establishing corporate partnerships with organizations that are doing good. Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue in Phoenix is one of the organizations that has formed a valuable relationship with Bravo.

About Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue

Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose primary mission is to save Chihuahuas and other small breed dogs at most urgent need of rescue (those on the metropolitan shelter euthanasia lists). Phoenix has the 2nd highest euthanasia rate in the entire US, with the #1 breed being the Chihuahua.  In addition, other small breed dogs are saved who have special needs or are seniors.

The Chiquita “Rancho” provides a home environment with “free range” care, (no kennels) to assist every dog with their emotional and physical recovery.  All medical needs are evaluated and treated, and it is only when the dog is ready and rehabilitated that it is posted for adoption.  Each dog is placed with carefully selected families, and only after a home visit has been completed.

You can learn more on facebook.com/ChiquitaChihuahuaRescue

Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue and Bravo Tipping Partnership

While Bravo Tipping was created to make it easy to leave a gratuity for service professionals, the business has partnered with local charities to make it possible for supporters to donate money through the app. Supporters of Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue can download the Bravo Tipping Made Easy app, search for the organization and select a donation amount. As with tipping, the money that is transferred through the use of the app will be deposited directly into an account that Chiquita owns and maintains. All of the money from the transaction will be received by the rescue. Bravo Tipping is excited to offer this option to bolster the community and give app users the opportunity to give back.

You can donate directly to Chiquita Chihuahua Rescue with Bravo code – VGQN.”