30 is too young to be struck with breast cancer. We all know that…

Maryam is only 30 years old, and was living a normal life until recently when we diagnosed her with Breast cancer.

A few years ago when Maryam got married and came to U.S., she thought she was in heaven. Blessed with a loving and very supportive family, wonderful friends, and spouse next to her, new friends, new culture… she thought she had everything. She came to the US to pursue education, and achieve higher goals in her life – like many of us who immigrated to the US generations back. She started going to school and working.

Maryam came to CHHR 3 months ago with a breast lump, which we unfortunately diagnosed as breast cancer. Tests, treatments, therapies and surgery were set up immediately.

Today, Maryam is more than $30,000 in debt due to unforeseen medical expenses, hospital fees and credit card loans. She has been unable to work at all and her financial situation is unsustainable given her very hard physical challenges. 


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The Center for Health and Human Rights is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization and our purpose is charitable. We are a free clinic serving the needs of vulnerable populations and have started this campaign to support and help Maryam as she goes through this very challenging period. We will not be able to do it WITHOUT YOUR HELP. 

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