Good Morning! And Happy Monday! Today we’re happy to bring you another Bravo profile we’re stoked about, Harper and the Moths

Harper and the Moths, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, and comprised of childhood friends and past band mates, Harper Lines (Vocals) Chan (Guitar/vocals) David Campbell (Bass) Kelsee (Keyboard/vocals), have been gardening a lot of well deserved attention for their unique blend of indie-dance rock, pop, and soul.  

“Our mission is to have fun while being the band we’d want to see and hear. The messages in the songs vary, but our common themes are probably like most songs; love, the beauty and tragedy of life, that sort of thing. We’re really just trying to have fun playing music while challenging ourselves to write the best songs we can – and we want people to really enjoy the experience whether its live or anywhere else.”

With a sold out record release show under their belt, a successful music video release followed by positive reviews, and sportily plays continuing to accumulate around their single “Walking Through Fire”, its safe to say people are enjoying the experience live, or anywhere else their music is heard.  What we love about Harper and the Moths, alongside their infectious songs and performances, is their continued emphasis on being an active part of their creative community in Phoenix.  

“I think we all write music because it’s something that communicates with us on a very personal level and we can’t help but play with it, because the melodies and rhythms are always in our heads. We’re inspired by the other artists in the local community who are genuine and work diligently at their art because they’d rather suffer for it than not, because they can’t not -because it’s who they are and you gotta be who you are. We’re inspired by anyone who supports or participates in the cultural and artistic expressions of the area they live in – and we’re fortunate to live in a brilliant time for the Phoenix art/music/cultural scene.” 


Looking forward, Harper and the Moths are currently hard at work on a project set for unveiling in July, new songs to release in August/September, and plenty of live shows alongside their fellow musicians and artists. You can follow along with Harper and the Moths on Facebook, keep up with them on instagram @harperandthemoths, and support them using the Bravo Tipping App while they’re in the studio, playing locally, or out on the road.  Together we can continue to honor and support our local musicians, artists, causes, and service professionals.  Cheers! and have a great week!