1. Tell us who you are and where to find you on Social media, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/website, etc.

“Robert Moore aka Bass

Instagram: BassCustoms Twitter: Nikegangbass SnapChat: BassCustoms Facebook: Rob Bass (Bass Customs) www.basscustoms.com

2. Who are you? Example: I am

A teacher, blogger, musician, etc. if you have a business let us know about it.

“I am a artist and sneaker enthusiast. I’ve took both my love for shoes and art and made a business out of customizing shoes, as well as various sneaker art, canvases, mask, and furniture.”

3. What is your mission, or what message are you trying to put out there with your business or work? 

“Be you and be different and you can accomplish anything. My art doesn’t have some deep message when you look at it I make a lot of my canvases because I like it. If someone else likes it and wants to buy it that’s all the better but the number one thing is doing it because you love to do.”

4. How did you get started doing what you do?

It’s a long story With a lot of details I may go more into it when I get a documentary one day.

I always was different as a kid my mom can give you plenty of stories as me coloring on shoes. But 3 years ago I just got a instagram and I found a place that could restore my shoes after getting quotes back it was super pricey so I decided to look into doing it myself I did my own pair of Nike Sb poisons and it was cool back then one pair after another I was getting better doing shoes for friends and eventually start charging I started on Craigslist then local sneaker groups, events and just grew from there.

5. What are your plans for the future and for your business or art?

I got a lot of plans for the future. One is to have a shop. But ultimately I was to expand into fashion and have my own official collab with vans 

6. Any recent victories, strives forward, etc? (also let us know of any upcoming events or anything you’re pumped about)

Recently I got nominated for best local artist in foothills magazine which was cool, and I’m doing some work for 3x Olympic medalist Will Claye, but I want to be known world wide for my art I finally found my signature after 3years so I’m going to capitalize on it and push it everywhere I can. As far as events I’ll be making some moves in cali in 2017 just have to research the info I received and make it happen but I’ve been doing more local and out of state events anything will be posted on my Instagram for it

7. Who/what inspires you? 

Not working for someone else is what inspires me as well as making people happy. When I make something for some one I know that they will have this forever, it’s like letting a piece of me into your life. It’s many artist that I look up to

Antoinette Cauley (Antoinette Cauley Art) Terrance Kelsey ( IAmTkArt)  and Kannon (Next Gen Digital) are artist that I get to share energy with they are great friends and when you have a circle of people you can vibe off of it doesn’t get better than that. Other artist that inspire and I hope to meet soon Remix Ya Kickz, Charles Moore, Brad Torf, Scott Bartzsch, FreeHand Profit, Alexmdc, Matt Gondek, Sabotage, Mache275, Ignacio Martinez, Bruce Jackson and Sierato. My biggest inspiration is My best friend Summer, my mom and my son.