Good morning! Happy Monday! Today we’re excited to present to you another Bravo Profile we’re excited about! Photographer, manager, PR guru, booking agent, and traveler Carolyn Lederach! @cled1024.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi!  I’m Carolyn Lederach.  I’m terrible at explaining myself and everything I do….but I dabble in a ton of music things.  Music photography is one of my main hobbies.  When I’m not working on Music Management, PR, or Booking you can probably find me at a show taking photos or drinking in the corner.  

How did you get started in photography?

It’s something I just kinda picked up.  One of my best friends suggested I try doing concert photography and I thought it would be fun.  I almost went to school for photography and film, having played around with that stuff in the past it was kind of refreshing to get back involved with it.  My friend Lisa lent me one of her extra cameras and lens to try it out for a bit before I got my own.

What is your mission, or what message are you trying to put out there with your work?

Since I do mostly music photography, my goal going into shows is usually just capturing the moments. I feel like anyone can take a photo of a show, but I like to capture those emotional moments. Like most art, the goal is to make people feel something, wether it be involving the atmosphere of the shot or musicians themselves.  Words are a powerful thing and if it’s possible to convey that somehow in a shot then I feel like I’ve done my job.

Is there something specific you search for or catch yourself noticing when deciding what/who to photograph?

If there are a lot of photographers at a show I like to try and space out from them to try and get something different, or new vantage points if I can move around a lot.  I also really like to play around with the lights at a show and see what kinda cool effects I can get to play around with later in Lightroom.

Who/what inspires you the most?

Having an amazing support group through The Photo Ladies (a photo collective of all female music photographers from around the globe) has been a huge help.  All of those ladies are so talented and it’s refreshing to have a huge group of people who are just out to help each other in whichever ways possible…especially in an industry where females aren’t well represented.

What are your plans for the future and for your photography?

I’ve just started a new photo project on my website called Philly Music Caves. So weekly I’m going to be posting some profiles on the amazing people in the Philly music scene.  

Any recent victories, strives forward, etc? also let us know of any upcoming events or anything you’re pumped about.

I’ve been lucky enough to start doing some tour photography this year with the amazing Former Belle, which has been a lot of fun.  I’m currently writing this out on a day off of tour at a coffeeshop in Atlanta, GA.  I’m gearing up for the second art show I’m going to be a part of on Dec. 2nd in Philly with JERKS Productions Fused Underground.

You can find Carolyn’s work at her photo website, her Facebook, and on Instagram @cled1024.  Also be sure to check out @thephotoladies, a global collective of female music photographers supporting each others work. You can support Carolyn and her work, shows, and travel using the Bravo tipping app, just search CLed1024.  Together we can support artists, photographers, service professionals, creatives, charities and more.