Over 150 people attended the Bravo Off the Menu Throwdown where celebrity chefs and stars came to challenge each other’s culinary skills. The intense throw down led to the creation of remarkable speciality meals, including the winning dish created by Chef Aaron May. The meal included braised oxtail with bell pepper and onion escabeche, cotija cheese and a cilantro infused avocado salad.

The winning team was determined by the amount of “tips” raised by guest during the tasting. Bravo Tip or Pay app allows participants to send a tip of any amount to nearby app users. As judges sent in their votes as tips, the winning team was determined by the most money raised.

All proceeds from the event were donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Arizona Chapter. Chef Aaron May’s team earned nearly $1000 in votes from his favorable oxtail dish, and was covered by Louanna Faine from the The BEAT radio.

The Bravo Off the Menu Throwdown became a new favorite for the radio star as she states, “We had so much fun at this event, I can’t wait for it to repeat.  The BRAVO OFF THE MENU Throwdown should be a tradition in the Valley. BRAVO! to BRAVO!”

The event was hosted by Bravo CEO Maria Luna, who shares a passion for bringing the community together, “At BRAVO, we are amazed at realizing how much we can accomplish together supporting each other’s dreams and goals. Partnering with our users, the Off the Menu app, great chefs like Matt Carter and Aaron May, media personalities and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, AZ Chapter, DJ Torch and Ignite we not only create awareness of who we are, but also what we care for. I am forever grateful to all and looking forward to many more events like this!”