The first event in the Bravo Concert Series was held at Saturday, June 6th at Sip Coffee & Beer House in Scottsdale, Arizona sponsored by BRAVO – tipping made easy, a new smartphone application to digitally tip your musicians (or anybody else) seamlessly from your smart phone.

The location created and inviting and energetic environment with their unique décor, spacious seating areas, and delicious food. The Bravo – tipping made easy and Sip Coffee staff were wonderful and made sure guests received fantastic service and truly enjoyed their experience.


Throughout the day, nine local artists took the stage to perform a variety of original music, and covers as well. The most exciting part about the performances was the diversity of styles of music and talent that the artists demonstrated. From folk and bluegrass, to pop and jazz, the artists expressed their unique styles of music, which created a truly enjoyable atmosphere for the audience throughout the day.

A really cool and unique aspect of the event was that the audience could digitally engage and show support to their favorite artists by tipping them using the phone app Bravo tipping made easy. Guests simply downloaded the application, created an account, and then, were able to tip their artist and say “Bravo!” to their favorite act with a tip that went straight to the artist’s bank account!

The days line up featured artists Greg Armijo, Janelle Loes, Tom Kumagai, and Remy De La Torra, who all put on fantastic performances and kept the crowd well entertained. Additionally, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center provided some amazing young musicians, and the appreciative crowd was able to donate to these artists and the Teen Center as well.

The headlining performance of the night featured popular local act Jared & the Mill. From the second the band arrived, they could be seen interacting with the packed audience that eagerly awaited the performance. When they hit the stage, rather than performing songs from a prepared set list, each song in their set came from requests of the audience. It was wonderful to see such talented and appreciated artists and their fans have such a great time together.

Bravo – tipping made easy makes tipping a simple process and takes away the embarrassment and expense of no cash. It also helps young musicians and street performed capture loss of revenue due to no cash. All the artists welcomed and supported BRAVO which could also be use for peer to peer payments.

The first concert in the Bravo Concert Series was an opportunity for BRAVO to help in bringing quality local music to the Scottsdale community, give artists the opportunity to share their talents, and demonstrate a new way for fans to support their favorite musicians the the Bravo app. A very special thanks to all of the artists, Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center, and our host, Sip Coffee and Beer House.

We look forward to seeing you soon and keep an eye out on or blog and social media for BRAVO – tipping made easy whereabouts!