The Sisterhood Extravaganza is a non-profit organization focused to empower women and girls in every area of their lives by recognizing a women’s values, strengths and encourage them to live life to the fullest. The organization holds events for women and girls to discuss issues, receive encouragement or explore their dreams.

Founder and CEO of Bravo Tip or Pay app, Maria Luna, is a member of The Sisterhood Extravaganza and encourages the promotion of success for women and girls by being a co-author of the organizations new book, Empowering Women to Succeed: Turning Tragedy into Triumph.

Maria Luna is one of eighteen women featured in the book that shares stories of each writer’s hardships and triumphs. The book was created to encourage women to overcoming challenges and fulfill their destiny. Empowering Women to Succeed will be released Thursday, Oct. 20 for a free download during the first 24-hours on Amazon.

“I am extremely proud and humbled to be a co-author of ‘Empowering Women to Succeed; Turning Tragedy into Triumph’. It was written with a sincere desire to contribute to a better society,” Maria Luna states. “Behind each story you will find a brave heart that will never give up on loving and living.”

CEO and Founder of Sisterhood Extravaganza, Pat Gillum, plans to use the book and organization to create a stronger community of women and girls.

“Building a sisterhood of women who love, support and celebrate each other is key to our success. In our career, life and business,” Pat Gillum states.

The funds collected for the book will be put towards the organization’s new program that targets and mentors girls to grow into confident young women. The youth mentoring program by Sisterhood Extravaganza builds young girls from 8-18-years-old into strong and successful women by providing support and guidance to make positive life choices to succeed in academics, leadership, innovation and life.

To get the free Amazon downloadable copy, click here:

After the first 24-hours, the book can be purchased for $20 on Amazon or on the Sisterhood Extravaganza’s website.