Bravo Off The Menu Throwdown Wrap Up

Over 150 people attended the Bravo Off the Menu Throwdown where celebrity chefs and stars came to challenge each other’s culinary skills. The intense throw […]

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Bravo Featured on Fox10 News

Bravo Ceo, Maria Luna joined the Fox 10 Morning Show to get the valley ready for the Bravo Off The Menu Throwdown! Maria and comedian/host, […]

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Bravo Off the Menu Throwdown

BRAVO Tip or Pay is hosting another exciting event with appetizing food, live music and a culinary showdown! The Bravo Off the Menu Throwdown is […]

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Bravo Profile of the Week – Rob Bass

1. Tell us who you are and where to find you on Social media, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/website, etc.

“Robert Moore aka Bass

Instagram: BassCustoms Twitter: Nikegangbass […]

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Bravo Battle of the Tips

Each year, rock star and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Alice Cooper holds a talent search, Proof is in the Pudding, for teens […]

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Bravo Profile of the Week – Carolyn Lederach

Good morning! Happy Monday! Today we’re excited to present to you another Bravo Profile we’re excited about! Photographer, manager, PR guru, booking agent, and […]

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BRAVO CEO Featured in New Sisterhood Extravaganza Book!

The Sisterhood Extravaganza is a non-profit organization focused to empower women and girls in every area of their lives by recognizing a women’s values, strengths […]

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How Independent Artists Make Money

Musicians and artists are known to barely make ends meet when first entering into the industry. However, some musicians have tapped into a new […]

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The Impact Tips Have On Valets

Valet attendants have the responsibility of parking and retrieving guest’s cars while at a hotel or other service. An average day for a valet […]

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Bravo Profile of the Week – Charles Swanton

First off let our users no your Social media info, where people can find you. Instagram/Twitter/website:

Instagram @fitproswanton
BRAVO: FitproSwanton Facebook Trident Performance Training

What is your mission, […]

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